Thursday, February 10, 2011

When discussing Nazi ideology students often ask about whether all Germans believed these ideas and/or why did they go along with the Nazis. One useful resource I recently came across is the book Life and Death in the Third Reich © 2008 by Peter Fritzsche. This is not a source for use with students but is a very helpful resource for teachers. Its focus is on the relationship between the Nazis and the German people. Fritzsche’s use of letters and diaries enhances the ideas discussed. The book is divided into four long chapters, “Reviving the Nation,” "Racial Grooming,” “Empire of Destruction,” and “Intimate Knowledge”. Each chapter is further divided into more topic specific sections. The first two chapters are what caught my attention and led me to purchase the book. Overall these chapters in particular helped me to better understand how the Nazis were able to entice the German people to, if not totally embrace the Nazis, at least tacitly follow the regime.

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