Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nazis and aliens...

I happened to be up late recently grading essays when a television show came on titled, “Unsealed:  Alien Files.”  In it, they claim to be “unearthing the biggest secret on planet Earth,” and proceed to start saying that the Nazis had alien technology that enabled them to become the world power they did before and during the war.  I could not believe my eyes and ears.  After I closed my open mouth, my first response was to want to write the station to tell them how I could not believe they would be so irresponsible as to air such a ridiculous story.  But, then, I remembered that there were all types of “reality” television shows on that attract such “fringe” viewers to them.  Some of the “experts” who were featured on the show were publishers of UFO Magazine and the web site, which I obviously do not subscribe to or visit, or I would have already known that Hitler was trying to build a time machine.

 My most pressing concern was that Holocaust deniers would use something like this to say that the Holocaust did not happen, that people were not responsible for the atrocities that happened, and that the truth was unknown.  Sometimes, it is difficult for me to understand how anyone could deny the Holocaust happened, and then I see this on television, and I think anything is possible.  However, there is more evidence that the Holocaust happened than I saw evident on the show that aliens helped the Nazis rise to power during World War II.  This is once again validation that Holocaust education is so important to make sure that people know the truth.  I just hope I was the only person watching this show.  

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