Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beyond Courage – The Untold Story of Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

I came across this book online and ordered it. It’s a resource I would recommend for MS and HS students and teachers. A concise, well-written collection of vignettes offers students the opportunity to learn about Jewish resistance during the Holocaust. As stated on the inside cover: “These resisters answered the genocidal madness and unspeakable depravity that was Hitler’s Holocaust with the greatest weapons of all—courage, ingenuity, the will to survive, and the resolve to save others or die trying.”

Included are stories of resistance from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Belorussia, Greece, and the Ukraine accompanied by insightful photos and maps. The supporting bibliography and source notes show the meticulous research done by the author. Students will also find the sections on background historical information, important dates, and pronunciation very useful. The book layout is engaging—large print; many photos, diagrams, and maps; and poems.

The author’s website provides addition resources and a study guide. The book is available for checkout from the MCHE library.

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