Monday, February 17, 2014

Comparison Tool to help with Common Core

I teach English Language Arts in a large district.  One of our school-wide goals is to teach other departments how they can help implement the College and Career Readiness strategies by providing them with the tools to use in their classrooms.   One of the tools our building leadership team gleaned from the book The Core Six:  Essential Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core by Harvey Silver was the Top Hat Organizer.  It is similar to the Venn diagram, but it allows for more room for similarities in the bottom section rather than the small section in the middle of a Venn diagram.  It is great tool to provide to students to organize ideas or to compare and contrast different texts.  I used it in class to compare two videos.  This would make a great tool for teachers using small non-fiction pieces, and it is always nice to have something different to show students.

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